Free Pre-License Tutorials and Post-License Training
Some REALTORS®, especially inexperienced ones, believe that in order to succeed, they need to join a "Big Name" national or international brokerage that has on-going television or other high pressure brokerage advertising campaigns.  These REALTORS® are then committed to a one to three year contract, without full knowledge of how the real estate business works and end up paying a large amount of overhead expenses. 
Many new REALTORS® find out later that, on top of the 10% to 80% split commission they pay to their brokerage, they have to pay a minimum monthly office fee of $500 to $1500, regardless if they make a sale or not.  In addition, there are the other extras:  Advertising Fees, Franchise Fees, Education Fees, Internet and Intranet Fees to name a few.  Many brokerages also charge extra for training.  Others have little time or lack the knowledge to actually coach the newly licensed REALTORS® how to make sales "NOW". 
In Amex Realty's philosophy, Real Estate Success is at your discretion. You become an independent business entrepreneur.
Your efforts, business skills and sales training dictate your income.  Let us give you the tools and show you how to make your personal real estate career a success! 
At Amex Broadway West Realty, our experienced management team knows the pitfalls, hardships and problems in becoming a successful REALTOR® .  First, we provide you with free Pre-License Tutorial to assist you in obtaining your real estate license.  Then, we train and mentor you to become a successful Realtor. 
 We Offer: 
  • FREE Pre-License Tutorials and Post-License Training
  • Professional, first class office
  • Excellent facilities and tech tools 
  • Best Office & Deal Fees for a Full Service Real Estate Company
  • No hidden costs
  • 100% Commission paid to you
  • $0 Franchise Fees, $0 Advertising Fees, $0 Annual Fees
  • Increase your income, NOW
  • Learn the skills to make sales quickly 
  • 24/7 on call sales management support
  • No fee training for new or experienced REALTORS
  • Quick start training for newly licensed REALTORS
  • Workshops/Ongoing Training for all REALTORS
  • Individual coaching to assist you with day to day challenges
  • Special Sign up Packages for Top Producers 
  • Bonus Package for Experienced Transferees 
Call our Sales Manager today for all the information you will need to get your exciting and rewarding Real Estate career started.  No obligation!
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